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2013 Architectural Guidelines



P O Box 12633 Wilmington NC 28405

TO: Castle Bay Owners September 2013

The newly sat Architectural Review Committee for 2013-14 has begun the process of cataloging and filing all existing requests. In doing so, they have found a number of files missing, where homeowners have erected structures, made changes to their existing structures or landscaping without submitting an architectural request for approval.

The purpose of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is to uphold community standards as laid out in the Covenants, Bylaws and Rules with the express purpose of maintaining property values and quality of life for our owners. The ARC reviews all new construction and any changes or alterations to existing property. Enforcement, appeals and the final decision on all architectural issues rest with the Board of Directors.

The ARC is asking for Architectural Requests on items without a request on file so that the community files will be complete. In addition, they would like to issue reminders on the following items that require architectural requests prior to beginning work:

1. Fences must be approved prior to installation.

2. “For Sale” signs are to be set back close to the porch in the front yard rather than near the curb. Other signs, temporary or permanent (including “For Rent”) are not allowed without documentation and approval.

3. Although the Covenants indicate that all landscaping is to first be approved, the ARC only asks for an Architectural Request on the following items:

a. New or expanded landscape beds

b. Any plantings (trees or bushes) that can grow to a mature height over 72 inches.

c. Lawn ornamentation of over 24 inches in height, in any color other than gray, if it is to be located in view of the street, including but not limited to figural ornaments, birdbaths and fountains.

4. Satellite dish location must first be approved prior to installation on all new satellite dishes. Existing dishes may not be an issue.

5. Enclosures for garbage cans, gas tanks, etc. must first be approved prior to installation and generally must be either brick or latticework painted to match existing trim.

6. The construction or erection of any new structure or substantive change to an existing structure must be approved prior to construction, including but not limited to pergolas, awnings, patios, new porches, decks and walls.

7. Playsets, sandboxes, trampolines or other semi-permanent play structures must be approved prior to installation. Pools and wells must be approved prior to breaking ground.

The following items do not require Architectural Requests:

1. Replacement of existing items as long as the replacement is as close to the original as possible and in keeping with the spirit of the Covenants.

2. Landscaping that is outside the scope of #3 above and in keeping with the spirit of the Covenants.

Please keep in mind that the ARC meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month or as close to such as schedules allow. All architectural requests received by the Friday prior will be reviewed at that meeting each month and subsequently communicated to management. Please do not schedule work on your project to be done before receiving the notice of approval or disapproval from management. Urgent architectural requests can be forwarded to management at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to Scott Hazle, ARC Chair, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To ensure timely and accurate review, please complete the Architectural Request Form in full, complete with drawings of the proposed work and a site map with the location of the proposed work. The more information the ARC has and the greater the indications that the Covenants have been taken into consideration in the request, the speedier the approval process.

We look forward to working on your behalf this and the upcoming year. Should you have questions or concerns, please forward those to management or Scott.

Thank you!




Download PDF File:   Architectural Guidelines




1.             Permanent backboards are not allowed and any installed that did not have prior

Association permission must be removed


2.            Portable backboards must be out of sight when not in use.  Laying a backboard

down on the grass, driveway, etc. when it is not in use is not allowed.


3.            May be in driveways but shall not be set up for use in the street


4.            Backboards shall not be attached to the residence





All fences - must first have submitted an Architectural Request and received approval before installation is allowed.

1.             All fences shall be 4 feet in height and...

2.            Must have a top rail or integral top rail construction and the bottom rail must be 4 inches above ground level...

3.            Must be Black in color and of anodized aluminum and...

4.            Shall be offset a minimum of one foot from the property line and...

5.            Property Owner shall maintain the landscaping/lawn on both sides of the fence and...

6.            A certified survey must be submitted with the architectural request





  • 1. Only a specific type of children's playset is approved for exterior lot placement.
  • 2. No playset may be placed on a lot without first submitting an architectural request and having received a written approval.
  • 3. All playsets must be of wood construction and can only be of an approved color(s).
  • 4. Specific information may be obtained from the ARC as to specifications and requirements.
  • 5. Townhome Architectural Guidelines may supercede these guidelines in the event a townhome resident requests permission to install a playset.




  • 1. Vegetative growth on vacant lots shall not exceed an average of 18 inches in height.
  • 2. Vacant lots must be kept reasonably clean and free of debris.
  • 3. Curbs adjoining vacant lots must be maintained. (IE: growth over curb)
  • 4. Vacant lots shall not be used for storage purposes except after a building permit has been issued.




  • 1. Flag poles shall be mounted on the house only. (Example: Mounted on residence

adjacent to garage door or at front entry area.)

  • 2. Approved flag poles are those normally used to fly a flag of 3 feet x 5 feet in size.
  • 3. Flags allowed to be flown shall be only the United States and North Carolina flags and they should not exceed 3 feet x 5 feet in size.
  • 4. No flag poles shall be in the front or side yards with the exception that flag poles previously installed (prior to 10/01/07) without first having architectural approval shall be removed from the front yards and may be installed in the rear yard. Maximum height of any "excepted" flag pole shall be not more than fifteen (15) feet above ground level. In no case shall a flag pole be of a product other than stainless steel or aluminum.




Satellite Dishes may be used by first requesting in writing and upon receiving written permission from the Architectural Committee through the Management Company.   Installation of the dish is based on the following criteria.  Installations should not be attached to or penetrate the building, or placed on Common Area.


  1. Satellite Dishes may not exceed 39 inches in diameter
  2. Satellite Dish must be installed on a metal pipe or treated wood post at the rear of your home.   If the rear of the home is unsatisfactory to obtain a line of site when mounted on a post or home, then it may be placed on the side of the home at the most distant point from the road as possible.  The Satellite dish shall never be placed in the front elevation of the home.  It may be installed at a height (at the prescribed location) to obtain the line of sight requirement but not higher than is required.  It is the owner's responsibility to be sure that all electrical, water, septic, phone and other utilities have been located and are not damaged during installation.  Any damages to these or other common area shall be the responsibility of the installing owner.
  3. The pipe or post must be installed in such manner that when inclement weather occurs, it will not damage the building exterior. The completed installation must be at a right angle to the earth's level surface.
  4. In the event an "installation" becomes unsightly, the owner may be required to perform required maintenance that will cause the installation to be cosmetically acceptable..
  5. All maintenance required on the post is at the expense of those using it.
  6. Upon sale, vacating of the unit or when Cable TV becomes available, the complete installation shall be removed.


In the event an installer states that the FCC allows him to place the dish where ever he chooses, then he is in error.  The FCC allows POAs, HOAs, etc. to designate places that it may be installed as long as it is not an unusually undue hardship.  The FCC does not allow banning the use of satellite dishes but does allow controls.  If an installer places a dish in an unapproved location and a non-compliance violation is issued by the Association, the cost of removal and re-installation is at the expense of the individual having the installation done.





•1. Trash cart service must be obtained from the one company chosen by the Association (A-1).  Owners who hand carry their garbage to the Pender County Collection Point are not required to use the chosen service company. **

•2. Trash carts must be screened properly so they are not visible from the street.  This may be done by either of two methods.  Those being, plant screening with large enough plants to conceal from street view ... or... by the construction of a screen.


•3. Gas tanks must be screened properly so they are not visible from the street.  This may be done by either of two methods.  Those being, plant screening with large enough plants to conceal from street view ... or ... by the construction of a screen.

ENCLOSURES Gas Tanks and Trash Carts

•4. Gas Tanks must be screened from view by passerby

•5. Constructed screens may be either of wood lattice, plastic lattice, brick lattice or wooden slot fence (shadowbox fencing) as follows:

•a. Wood lattice painted / stained the same as your house trim color.  (for lasting ability, it may be that you would prefer to use "treated wood" lattice to lessen the chance of wood rot.)

•b. Plastic lattice painted / stained the same as your house trim color.

•c. Brick lattice, using the same brick as the house type.

•d. Wooden slot fence (shadowbox) painted / stained the same as your house trim color.  (for lasting ability, it may be that you would prefer to use "treated wood" to lessen the chance of wood rot.  (If treated wood is used, it is suggested that it be allowed to dry out at least 15 days prior to painting / staining.  The moisture evaporation would allow the paint/stain to permeate the wood.)


**           Use of one trash service company is mandatory...yet allows the owners to have one pickup day,  a reasonable price and less "truck" wear/tear on the roads (which have to be maintained by the Association and comes out of the dues you pay.)    As of 10/01/07 the ONLY approved trash service is with:          A-1 SANITATION        (910) 791-4048

SIGNS Signs are not allowed.  However, in the interest of property sales, "For Sale" signs will be allowed until such time as the ARC make changes to this guideline.  Placement must be adjacent to the front entry area at the edge of a plant bed or if none, adjacent to the entry steps.  "For Rent" and other signs are not allowed.  Signs on unimproved lots are not allowed but may have a "Brochure Box" not closer than 3 feet from the curb. For additional information as to sizes, etc., see Rules and Regulations.  B


One (1) Copy of building plans must be furnished to Architectural Committee for review/approval prior to any work commencing.

Must include front/side/rear elevations.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Minimum of 1800 sq ft finished living area. (heated/cooled) for single level dwellings (does  not apply to garages, terraces, porches, decks, stoops and like areas)

Concrete Drive w/minimum of 2 car attached Garage

All Brick or Brick-stone   (amount of stonework may be limited)


In ground Lawn irrigation system may installed  (Wells require prior architectural approval)

Central A/C

Set Backs - Minimums:

25 ft Front lot line (30 ft after easement)

15 ft Back lot line

10 ft each side lot line

Maintain Current on Monthly POA Dues


All exterior materials & Colors require Association approval

No Red Brick     =     No White Brick

No White Trim or Bright Colors

No Accessory Buildings on Lot

No Vinyl siding (other than for trim)

Drainage Easements must remain to comply with NC Water runoff permit

** Total built upon area (structure including concrete, brick, stone, slate or similar materials for each lot (not including wood decking or water surface of swimming pools) shall not exceed those limits established in Article II, Section 5 of Castle Bay Subdivision Declaration of Convenants in effect at time of construction. (This is to insure compliance with storm water runoff rules and permit issued by the State of North Carolina.)


There are parking regulations that apply for contractors/subs.  Lot must be kept clean and free of debris that may blow to other lots or present an un-attractive appearance.  It is strongly suggested that, upon purchase of the lot, a copy of the Declaration and Rules/Regs be obtained and reviewed so that violations of restrictions will not occur.


IMPORTANT!! Construction shall not begin until such time as the property owner or their representative has presented an Architectural Request and a set of plans to the ARC for review and received written approval to begin.  Upon review, the ARC may determine the need for additional information which shall be furnished by the property owner or their representative.  Once plans have been reviewed and the necessary information has been obtained, the ARC may then give written permission for construction to begin.  It should be understood that, if a change from the original approved plans is necessary, it must first be approved by the ARC.

Appropriate erosion control measures shall be in effect on a building lot at all times.  It is imperative that a building lot be kept reasonably clean and free of debris during construction.

Each lot generally has a planned drainage swale and it is important that your contractor  insure that it be in place and works properly once construction is complete.


Castle Bay POA